Celadoncandy was originally conceived essentially as a side project in 2010 by Paul Allgood while on hiatus from his main band Wedlock.

He and multi-instrumentalist Jason Bowden released one EP ,(cc:) in autumn that same year before parting ways; while Allgood retained the name for future releases.

A second EP,(fwd:) emerged the following year, after which the project was shelved until UK indie label Trinity Eclipse took interest. 'Celadonia' is the full-length result.



"What we have here is not your loud, crass, overrated pop-dance-techno album. “Celadonia” is something truly special that utilizes brilliant compositions and instrumentation, successfully personifying a seemingly unattainable, illusory alternative soundscape." - Jamsphere

"Celadon Candy’s “Celadonia” effortlessly merges elements of house and psychedelic into a satisfying whole. Anchored by heavy, almost physical, beats, the songs shimmer and shine. Intricately layered melodies result in a swirling sea of sound" - Beach Sloth

"The result is a nice slice of audio that at the very least answers the question of what a full-length Celadon Candy debut sounds like. ‘Undercutter’, ‘Socialist’, and ‘Celadonia’, know how to treat ones ears. But have a listen to judge for yourself. - New York Journal


Celadonia Lyrics


Soaked yourself beneath my skin I don't know why I don't when But you're burning my eyes again. I stumble through the doorway I fall to my floor-way Time stands still As I lay here suffering. A sacrifice for all your sins You bleed me now, you bled me then But I'm hanging around again. I scramble to the driveway Then blackout on the highway Time stands still And I lay here wondering... Does it ever get any better? Does it get much worse with soap? I followed you down to the letter But still I've got no hope Playing a game I'll never win There's no way to save my skin Because you're burning me on purpose Epidermis Is scarring from the charring Full of cuts and lacerations That keep me suffering. Does it ever get any better? Does it get much worse with rope? I followed you down to the letter. Still I've got no hope.

P.Allgood/ J.Bowden, Grey Vireo, J.Bowden Publishing, BMI


As we're standing here I think it's crystal clear What I want from you It's obvious that you want me too Is it dangerous For the two of us To feel this good? It's the only reason why I think we should So what's in our way? What's in our way? The Libertines live for today For today........ When you're lying near My panic disappears What you've given me Changes my identity We're delirious As they envy us We're misunderstood You're the only reason why I thought I could So let's run away, let's run away I wouldn't waste another day Run away.... Libertines Gone tomorrow Live for today.....

P.Allgood, J.Bowden, J.Bowden, GreyVireo Publishing, BMI


Broken into pieces My disease is That I care. About the world, and the people living in the world. Show me pictures of starving children I get angry, then change the station Still more picture of starving children I get angry, then I get hungry When I worked for UNICEF It seemed to be the way, for Jesus to get my autograph I sing their tears away. Choking, over treacle. They cannot hear from over there We made a movie, then shot the sequel Documentaries, 'cos we care. Cue the pictures of starving children Change the angle, change location Still more victims like dying children Nominate me for an Elie Then we posed for photographs Everyone was brave A smile, a hug, and gentle laugh Will feed their pain away Words on broken phonographs Reeking with decay Close our eyes to circumstance Hope it goes away I 'm Broken, Broken We're Broken, Broken.... P.Allgood/J. Bowden

J.Bowden Publishing, Grey Vireo Publishing, BMI


You're the hole in my umbrella The soaking wet behind my ears The bloodstain on my name The same disease I 've had for years If I went to see the doctor He would say to stay away But why should I heed advice? (The hospital charges twice) When it's possible to feel worse Sid and Nancy, loved each other I want you to be my Undercutter We'll watch the stars, lying in the gutter I need you to be my Undercutter Jezebel of my novella We're soaking wet between the sheets These feelings never change (I'm happy to be deranged) Without you I'm incomplete Provided we don't kill each other I want you to be my Undercutter Make my heart, melt like butter I need you to be my Undercutter....

J.Bowden/P.Allgood, J.Bowden Publishing, Grey Vireo Publishing, BMI


If I'm wrong, if I'm right We always play the same game Another word, becomes a fight Violence our day brings Are we in love? Are we confused? Piss and say it's raining When both of us, could stand accused Of murder in our daydreams Once the grass is cut, then our snakes show up Am I what you want? Or am I all you've got?

P.Allgood, Grey Vireo Publishing, BMI


Once upon a time, I used to be a Socialist Until they ran out, of room for a vocalist Community, we share and share alike How can I share, what isn't mine? I can't share, what isn't mine... I can't spare, what isn't mine Once I flew a plane to the land of philanthropy Until it crashed down in a sea of apathy In unity, we live until we die Why should I bear.. what isn't mine? I can't bear.. what isn't mine I shouldn't bear what isn't mine One hungry son of a bitch Super-sperm with a ten inch dick International, top of the list I've go the world by its balls Has 34 met Sixty six? To justify why you exist? Your grave is on our list To build another strip mall

P.Allgood, J.Bowden, J. Rangel, Grey Vireo Publishing, J.Bowden Publishing, Jorge Rangel, BMI


Well if you could change the season Maybe I would get out of bed And I don't need much of a reason To wanna be Out there instead We're shacking up My bills are stacking up You should be packing up Before I'm cracking up Every year comes the first of June My whole world confines to a room In my dreams I live on the moon But my eyes come awake too soon....

P.Allgood, Grey Vireo Publishing, BMI


Sweet 70's innovation Holds the golden key to my inspiration Free 70s generation It's in the air I breathe at this elevation Music now, was music then I have a chance all over again To make it loud, make it clear All the distance disappears Street felony, instigation It's inner city heat across every station Beat melody combinations In every word I say Of my conversation I use it now, I used it then When discotheque was my best friend I boomed it loud, I made it clear I rearranged my atmosphere Sweet melody Street felony A New Energy When the crowd, gets in your ear It permeates your atmosphere But think it loud, think it clear Ignorance will disappear Sweet Sweet Sweet

P.Allgood, J.Bowden, J.Bowden Publishing, Grey Vireo Publishing, BMI


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